Today’s market of entertainment offers us a lot of different and strange stuff. We adore such things as Disnayland or VR experiences, but these are pretty expensive and rare. To get to Disnayland you have to think through the slightest thing that could happen or should happen. To have VR experience you have to go to Comic Con, or to buy the elements of technique that will allow you to launch the corresponding game. Some of us go mad about pop-it, in both positive and negative senses. And many others prefer just usual games on a platform they want to use and can afford. And one of the categories is called ‘simulation games’.

It’s self-explanatory

Imagine your life. You probably have some things that don’t please you in how your life goes, you may be disappointed by some events, some decisions you’ve had etc. And we bet at some point you have caught yourself on the idea “I wish I had a chance to start another life”. Or you want to try yourself in some role you’ve never been before. Or you want to have some experience you cannot have in reality. Or just for fun – you’d like to try different decisions and look at what’s gonna happen.

Simulation is created just for this purpose. Want to have another life? Go to Sims. Wanna be a hero from an epic anime battle? Go to a battle simulator. You can find almost anything you could ever imagine.

What’s your job?

These games however have some division on types too. That way we can find fighting, action, even strategies, and another type is a profession simulation. For example, gameplay that is based completely on your work as a driver. Or farming games, where you have some imitation of household. It doesn’t matter in fact what you want to simulate, you will anyway find something to play, something that will please your interest or will make your boredom disappear.