What game have you ever played as a goat? If you sort through all the simulators, then the goats, in the role of the main character, are not remembered. If you like to destroy everything and blow up, then this story is for you! This goat can destroy everything in the house with a normal step and kill all the people in the area. There is some kind of physics in the Goat Simulator, but the goat does not obey it, just like cars. In fact, the game is for an hour, but for those who like to take all the achievements, you will have to play longer.

There are also all sorts of secrets and references to other developments. You can fly in space or demolish all people with a large stone. The people who created this story knew what they were doing, because on the first day of the sale they received a lot. If you want to take a break from other simulators, then this masterpiece is for you. Sit for an hour, relax and get to know the real life of a goat! Jumping in one place or one hero is annoying. Therefore, it is designed for periodic infusions. What attracts her, apparently, is her dynamism. An opportunity not only to be a goat, but, for example, to fly a bird, and also swim like a dolphin and resemble a camel.

Multiplayer, divided into several screens

Children can play together, each with their own character. In this story, we play as a crazy goat who runs around the city and smashes everything he sees. There is no such plot here. We are given full opportunity in this open world. We can do almost anything. You can crash into cars and throw them up, you can do the same with people. You can do several different tricks. There are also a few different missions to keep you from getting bored. Although you will hardly be bored in this game. The graphics in Goat Simulator are pretty good for her level. Of course, she cannot compete with the new products, but all the graphics are not the worst. In general, this one was made for fun, and she successfully copes with this. What other story can we play as a crazy goat?

Very funny and interesting. It has a very simple and convenient control. In this run, you play as a goat. Your task is to destroy everything around! This crash is also accompanied by funny music. Having scored on the Internet only its name, you can be surprised. In the process, you can change characters. And each character has its own abilities and makes different sounds. Goat simulator is also divided into different stories. For example, there is a location where you will play as an infected goat that has turned into a zombie.