Robber is an exciting action and strategy challenge where the player takes on the role of an experienced criminal. You have to do brave things and evade the law. In these universes, users will be immersed in a dangerous world where cunning, planning and hacking skills will be the key elements to success. Would you like to take part in this? Get ready to show your best side to achieve your goals!


To begin with, players will have to choose a character or even create their own unique one. Each of them has cool characteristics that affect the entire process. Then you have to create a heist plan in the game! Carefully consider every action, choosing targets, exploring the area! Don’t forget to identify weak points in security systems and monitor security modes! Without this, failure may be too close!

Executing a successful heist requires a combination of intelligence and strategic thinking. A variety of locations will allow you to get incredible pleasure! Users will go on a variety of missions, including robbing banks, museums, casinos and other objects. Remember that they have a high degree of security, so be an attentive robber! Each territory provides unique challenges and rewards!

Funds earned from robberies can be used to improve your character’s skills. For example, you can purchase new equipment and develop technological gadgets for successful hacking. In addition, dangerous opponents will be encountered very often in the games. Police and security guards will be at every turn, so players must be prepared to fight and use tactics to avoid arrest.

Action and Stealth!

Players will constantly be faced with moral dilemmas and difficult choices throughout the story. Every decision made can affect the course of events or relations with allies. Participants can choose between effective methods of open conflict with guards and quiet, covert approaches. Your robber will need to use different tactics depending on the situation. You can try several options to see which is better, but be prepared for mistakes.

If you want to do dirty things with your friends, then take this chance! Create teams with other players to complete heists together! Using group skills can lead to even more successful results. A huge selection of games that will allow you to find your own favorite story! Fight corruption, steal huge sums of money, repay debts or take revenge!