Undertale is a story about two worlds, the human grounds and the cave area of monster outcasts. Anthropomorphic sheep, reptiles, fish, and skeletons live deep beyond, kept from sunlight by powerful magic. But for some reason, a hole in the high mountain Ebott is not protected, and a kid accidentally falls through it. This kid, Frisk, is you, and you have to meet the hidden kingdom’s dwellers in order to get out.

Will You Play a Grateful Guest?

Being the only human among monsters is not the best case, even though it’s a game. However, the first one you see, Toriel the goat, becomes your second mother. She devotedly protects you from the dangers of Ruins but doesn’t want to let you go when you’re ready. This is where your first difficult choice appears. Undertale allows you to act like a nice kid and persuade her not to fight, or you can make your way out by force.

This question will pursue you through all the game. And each decision you make affects the ending of your story. Even a single murder of an occasional monster is a stain on your pacifist path, not to say about killing main characters like Papyrus. So, choose your nature and stick to it even when it seems impossible.

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After Flowey is defeated, peacefully or brutally, the game ends. And you must create a new save to check out other secret bosses. Because lots of content is hidden for one route while open for another. Like, a bad time is available for genocide only, while Asriel shows up for pacifists, and they can’t intersect. And what about Gaster, Clamgirl, Suzy?

On this site, you will live through the noticeable moments once again. Recall first meeting with Chara, boss fight with Sans, Undyne’s jokes while enjoying mini games in the category. And the best part is you can repeat your favorite scenes endlessly without messing with save files.