Eight diverse characters, each representing their own sound. This is the universe of Incredibox, which will definitely surprise everyone who enters here. Each week has a new style. You can create whimsical melodies in the style of punk, rock or something heavier. Pick up cool sounds that, in accompaniment with each other, will create a unique melody. Are you ready to make a real musical commotion? The game will give you that opportunity. But what she definitely won’t give you is to get bored.

Remember to take risks and mix as many sounds as possible. Their tandem will turn into a new style or even an art form. Pave your way to a musical breakthrough. She will instill in you a love for music. Develop your sense of taste. And enjoy the results.

Image and style

The two elements mentioned above are what is inherent in this game. You can find polished graphics here. You will not find anything extra in this application. Nothing distracts your chakras from creating a new musical project. Nothing can push your imagination off the right path. A convenient control model in every way helps users find the right rhythm. Before creating a complete melody, get familiar with the sounds in this part. Incredibox developers always keep their mark and try their best. Then the arsenal of sounds seems deeper and richer.

The number of songs that can be played is simply overwhelming. At this stage of creation, you can download songs of any genre, from any country. The events presented to your attention will be timed to coincide with various holidays.

Dexterous DJ Console

Incredibox cannot be called an ordinary clicker. Here lies a deeper idea, and it will reveal the talent of each person. You no longer need to look for an excuse. Just open this game and try your hand at musical art. It does not require years of training or musical instruments. A little desire, a handful of time and a little inspiration are enough here.

A relatively fresh and new experience that has no equal. It doesn’t look like another confrontation or battle. Nothing pushes you and does not force you to do faster. You can work out each subsequent note measuredly and thoughtfully. You can implement fresh ideas or use already suggested sound connections. You can listen to your result several times to masterfully bring it to the ideal. An extraordinary approach to making music that you can enjoy right from your screen.