Music apps are the best! But Friday Night Funkin’ games alienate from the greatest genre. In fact, they live in their own bulb inside the big melodious ecosystem.

The whole bunch of original characters, custom remixes, and separate episodes is what makes the game extraordinary. Boyfriend, the short street rapper and the main character as well, always finds problems on his little butt. He’s lucky to have all-supportive Girlfriend who attends all weeks of rap battles and wires her Daddy’s acoustic system.

Actually, his journey originates from a quarrel with Daddy. The ex-rockstar was gruff to say that Boyfriend had no talent for songs and was no match to his daughter. It hurt the young vocalist, and so his first game fight was arranged with the most popular stage musician of Friday Night Funkin’. You can imagine what a remarkable boost of confidence this victory gave to the boy.

From that breaking point, Boyfriend provokes various artists, famous and amateur, to play feats with him. The boy grows quite fast!

More and more characters visit the universe voluntarily to see our rapper in person. We can enjoy all mods thanks to the active fan community. Whitty, Sans, Tricky the Clown, Sonic, Tord—only a drop from a long scroll of Boyfriend’s game competitors. Moreover, you don’t need to mess with installation when you have the whole site of unblocked modifications.

However, Boyfriend would never make a career in Friday Night Funkin’ without your skills. It’s you who never gives up and masters the notes stubbornly. It’s you who starts with the tutorial girl’s alphabet beats to face Mommy Mearest and Ruv in Hard mode. And your fingers curl beyond repair, but it’s nothing compared to the good time spent with the fan community of this wonderful game.