Arcade Games


Arcade games are the best way to have fun. The genre appeared half a century ago and were originally slot machines. Anyway it is still popular among people of all ages. There is no complicated gameplay here, they are quite simple, which is so addictive.

There are highly simplified laws of physics and other points that distinguish such toys from simulators. For example, if we talk about races, they will have the simplest control and no drifts when cornering, regardless of speed. There you have lots of different options to pick up from.

Infinity and Simplicity are the Keys to a Good Game

The distinctive feature of the arcade is endless. The main character is in constant motion, trying to go further and further each time. With each restart, the player is in an attempt to break his previous record and earn as much money or other value to buy upgrades thanks to which it will be easier for the player to go further.

There is a game for absolutely any age group, both for preschoolers and adults, because of simplicity.
Here for you there is the game in which you can shoot, and runners and platformers, trying to pass them as fast as you can. The main thing is to remember that often in this genre, you have a limited number of lives, so make an effort to complete the levels by spending the minimum amount of them.

Choose Your Character

You can select from a huge number of different heroes. Among them there are many well-known cartoon characters. Try yourself as a cook who needs to cook as much food as you can, skater who needs to ride as far as possible every time.

A pirate who must unearth as many treasures as possible with each adventure or a racer that competes with others in an attempt to be the first to reach the finish line. Anyone who you want. So start your leisure correctly and play your favorite casuals.