Kick the Buddy is a popular action app for mobile devices. It has been leading the rating of anti-stress games for a very long time. It will help not only relieve stress but also have fun.

The main character is a mannequin named Buddy. Outwardly, it looks like a voodoo doll, with buttons instead of eyes. This is a silent character, who will never resist your actions. After all, that is what it was created for.

What is the purpose?

The main goal of the Kick the Buddy is to throw out all your negative emotions on the dummy. During the playing, you will not even notice how your anger will leave you, and a good mood will come to replace it.
You can start play as soon as you feel that negative emotions are taking over and immediately calm down.
At your disposal is a very large and diverse selection of tools.

The walkthrough is divided into levels, in each of which you will see a new set of instruments. At the first level, you only have access to knives that you will throw at the victim. But then you will meet both simple and cold steel, explosives, cars, animals, and monsters.

Knives, pistols, flamethrowers, bows, grenade launchers, and even tanks! You have the opportunity to tear, burn, cut, blow up the doll. In addition, you can set monsters on the dummy! There is also the possibility of electrocuting it, twisting it in a meat grinder or simply sending it into space.

Another interesting detail is that you can get achievements for your actions!
You may even feel sorry for the little character, but then you will remember that this is just a fantasy.
By performing various actions, you get a special currency, for which you can later buy new tools or dress Buddy in other clothes.

Moreover, it never gets boring here, because the game is constantly updated. As soon as all the anger leaves you, you can safely return to reality in a good mood. In addition to relieving stress, you can also kill your time here when you don’t know what to do. You are the one who has to choose what will be the plot, payback, and animation in this game. That is why it has such a fascinating story.

What settings are required?

The Kick the Buddy has simple two-dimensional graphics, which means it doesn’t have any special requirements. On the screen, there is only Buddy, a board on its background, and tools that you choose. In addition to the design and animation, there is also a lot of attention.

It should be noted that despite the humorous concept of the game, it is not quite suitable for the youngest users. This may be too aggressive for them. You can download the app to your mobile device, PC, or play it online.