The game at first glance may seem childish, not interesting, and so on. But after playing it, and for the first time, winning in one of the rounds, you can catch yourself thinking about a cool idea. An old way to surprise users with a knockout battle. The essence of Stumble Guys, just the same, is its simplicity. The fact that there is cheerful music playing there, and in the characters themselves, which are quite well executed, and they are quite cute.

The sharp taste of victory over rivals

The biggest plus of this game is its simple and uncomplicated goal, graphics and gameplay. After all, after some strategies, sometimes you just want to relax and turn off your mind, and play something simple. The story itself, in its principle, resembles the battle royale mode, but in a slightly different way. From the first minutes it becomes difficult. After all, you understand that under the mask of a cute 3d platformer, if you can call it that, there is a complex idea. In Stumble Guys, there are fierce knockout races. And after several unsuccessful attempts, when you still manage to run to the finish line, you understand that this is the best indie development.

Spinning the wheel of fortune

Management in the role of a plasticine man, with which you are trying to pass various tests, of different difficulty levels. A good application of the “Royal battle” genre. There is both solo and team play. On almost every map you will find a flea market of players. Everyone needs to get to the finish line or complete another task. But tin at all mini stages, except perhaps the final one. Graphics are not important here, although they are at a decent level. Musical accompaniment stirs up your interest in winning.

You will have to get rid of your competitors in various obstacle courses, pushing them into traps or pushing them into the abyss. Stumble Guys is recommended for both adults and children. The application has a very low entry threshold: all you need to do is to be the first to reach the finish line, avoiding traps, walls and other obstacles. The controls are simple and very intuitive. Yes, and there is essentially nothing and no one to manage here, only a character striving forward. In this world, you can customize your “runner” using various elements of “clothing” and character coloring. The development is well suited for having fun with friends, or you can use the online mode and compete with players from all over the world. If you want to compete and experience the spirit of excitement, but do not want to bother learning the gameplay features, universal weapon and equipment builds, then this game is perfect for you.