for Girls Games


When you’re after games for girls, you want to find something creative, romantic, and entertaining for a long time. Then you might love platformers, simulators, narratives, fantasy worlds, and never-ending casuals on this site! Let’s decide what to launch first by going down the short list of interesting genres.

The possibilities of simulators are immense. In fact, every game where you play for someone is a simulator. You can rule the destinies of sims, fly like a bird, cook, train pokemons, nurse patients in the hospital, or build a cat shelter! Take the role of who you always wanted to be.

Or dive into an alternative universe! If you have imagined sequels and draw characters to astonishing titles you follow, a fictional game is a place where you’ll feel at home. Train your dragon, become the heroine of an anime visual novel, or direct your own movie in the advanced Gacha studio. Communicate with an artistic community of your favorite fandom and produce works of art in collaboration!

If you don’t want to lose connection with reality, try simple casuals for girls like Hair Challenge or Magic Tiles. Some games test your reaction, while others have chilly coffee shop vibes. You just level up, unlock special items, complete daily missions, and compete for top places in the leaderboard.

And what about beautiful romantic novels? Attractive game characters will steal your heart and a couple of spare hours. Fall in love with vampires, secret agents, pirates, or flirt with them all for a big drama! Sometimes, you just need a wonderful story with a cup of coffee to feel marvelous.

Browse the site and try everything that catches your eye. In a great ocean of narratives for girls, you will find something to your taste.