Amanda the Adventurer is a horror centered around the adventures of the main character, this brave girl and her friend sheep Wooly. The game takes place in a spooky and eerie environment that is sure to give you goosebumps.

Time to go on adventures!

Amanda the Adventurer is a young and adventurous girl who loves to explore new places and uncover hidden treasures. She is accompanied on her adventures by her loyal friend Wooly, who provides her with companionship and support. And today you will join them in their journey through this large city.

The journey begins with you meeting this funny company. You will complete a couple of levels together. And your main task is to listen to this girl. If she asks to go to a grocery store, you need to pick the right building from the list. In the store you have to choose only the fruits that she likes. And the same goes to all the missions you complete together.

What happens if you pick the wrong answer? You can try and find the answer to this question yourself. And you will quickly discover why this game is located in the horror genre. Because even this sheep seems terrified of this spooky girl. Not to mention the creepy scenes that constantly appear on your screen.

Try to get to the final.

Another weird thing is this sheep. Looks like he tries to warn you about this girl. But every time he tries to tell you something important, she interrupts him. And you can’t collect all the pieces of the puzzle to solve the mystery. So you need to continue the quest to reach the final.

The controls are easy. Use your mouse to pick the necessary buildings and items. Use the keyboard to write the name of the things she asks you to purchase. And continue to complete the tasks till the last level. You have a couple of levels at your disposal. The more levels you complete, the creepier they become. So when the final comes, you can feel the thrilling atmosphere in the air.

You will be constantly on edge as you navigate through the city, never knowing what might be lurking around the next corner. The game uses a combination of jump scares and psychological horror to keep you engaged and terrified. And the ending you receive will definitely shock you. Because as it turns out, you are not safe in your own house.

Because of the interesting story and creepy antagonist, Amanda the Adventurer is definitely worth checking out. So pick the version you like the most and begin the first level!