When we talk about games we always face a situation when we don’t know what to do when the gameplay or a story we pass now becomes boring. That’s where sandboxes never fail to show all their advantages in front of the linear gameplays. Terraria is just like this. It was created and released in 2011, and by this year managed to gain huge popularity among the lovers of adventures.

What’s this?

If you have never heard of the Terraria Games before, there’s no surprise that you don’t know of its great peculiarities. The first thing you should know about it is that it contains so many opportunities to make your gameplay varied, so they are literally innumerable. What are the main ones at least?

Well, let’s begin with the fact that here you’re able to set the parameters of your world you want to play in. At the beginning before starting the game offers you to customize your character and setting. If you’re an experienced player, you’re given a chance to select a hard mode, which gives a lot of new opportunities, increases a chance to find rare items, but as we can understand – the problem is that all the adversaries become much stronger.

Emphasize the specificities

So to sum up, what are the main unique features? Terraria is a pixel game, where you need to pick, craft, supply your needs and defeat enemies to get valuable things. You’re given many options to vary, but at the beginning you always start with the same set of things. And one of the most characteristic things: multiplayer.

The game offers different coop opportunities depending on the platform that players use. But anyway, there’s always a chance to connect with servers and have much fun together. There’s even the lite version available.

So grab your mates or your great ideas, and go to the amazing fantastic world, and realize your potential the way you want!