Game Description:

Have you ever thought about running a country? This is not just the position of president, but something more. In Dummynation, players will take full control of one of the countries on the map. The main task is to do everything possible to seize the dominance of the whole world. Are you ready for this?

Everything depends on you!

In this game, users must be reasonable to achieve their goals. It won’t be as easy as it might seem at first glance. You will have to make calculations, conduct analytics, create favorable conditions and much more.

Ways to conquer the planet:

  1. Diplomatic
  2. Military conflicts
  3. Economic policy
  4. Resource usage

Race for power

In Dummynation, players can take part in a multiplayer mod. In this case, you can compete with friends or strangers. Dominate and try to constantly increase levels. Expand your territories to capture the entire region and everything that belongs to it.

Players will be able to use resources for their own benefit. But take your time and think twice before making an important decision. In the game you can also lose everything that you got with great difficulty. Don’t be scattered and don’t let your empire collapse! Learn from mistakes and find success!