Most of us like taking care of creatures we love. Usually those are pets, which we feed, surround with care and love, and finally we feel the true affection to those. They bring lots of joy to our hearts, and when we feel despaired and exhausted, everything we need to do is to spend a little time with them. But if we have not enough time or patience to pet real animals, there’s always a solution – games. They help us distract from what bothers us at the moment, and My Talking Angela games are a great chance to relax and have pleasure with minimum expenses.

What does it offer to us?

My Talking Angela is a collection of releases devoted to taking care of a kitten. But the thing is here it’s not just a kitten – she’s just like a human. With feelings, personal need for emotions, stages of growing up and so on. So our task is to make her happy, just like she is a player’s daughter.

Angela needs to discover the world, as she is a girl, she is interested in fashion and of course she needs your help in dressing up, wearing makeup and making friends. And finally, she’s not just a little girl – she becomes a woman once, and as any ‘parent’ – at some moment you need to let her go. Help her make arrangements for the wedding and everything to make her life complete.

Are these the only options available?

Actually no. As there’s a series of games, you can always find something to your taste. If you want to have some new experience with the new talking pets, or have another environment to play in – there are many variations to choose from. Even the game My Talking Angela, not including the mods with other characters as protagonists, has so many variations that it will probably make you a little frustrated at first. So start your marvellous experience with one of the most cute and variable games in the category of taking care releases!