Toca Life World games are a god simulator on a 2D cartoon land. Move into your own cozy house, but don’t lock inside four walls! The town is all yours, ready to expand, full of underground secrets. Vibes of comfort fuse with sci-fi technologies, a character editor, animation studio, and building mode to tinker! Join young people around the globe who spread their creative energy and implement a place of their dreams in the game space.

Bewitched with Toca Life World

Beautify a default avatar with plenty of editor’s functions. Your girl or boy can be customized from the hair to the tips of the toes. Don’t shy away from experiments with colors and themed looks: your vampire, witch, neko designs will harmonize with the game perfectly. But if you want to start right away, wonderful presets are always on the reach of your hand.

Your interactions with the fairy game land are not over! In fact, the expedition only begins. Look what a huge modern Bop City rises before your eyes! Open its doors, meet your neighbors, dive into the ocean and see the marine creatures, and invite cute pets to live with you at home. And who knows, maybe one day the civilization will need your superhero powers? You better discover them as soon as possible!

Play Your Own Game

Organize a kitchen, a bedroom, and a guest hall inside your rooms. You can drag and use any item: eat a crunchy toast, take a selfie on a couch, and toss your old coat into a trash can. If you’re a collecting fan, find 54 toy crumpets hiding on the calm streets and store them on your trophy shelf!

Find coloring pages, the latest updates, and multiplayer patches for Toca Life World. Make and share your fantastic animations with startling actor costumes—inspire other fans to make art like someone inspired you!