An exciting adventure awaits! Break away from your typical gray everyday life and plunge headlong into one of the most interesting game genres which combines elements of quest and action. Yes, you understand it correctly, it is adventure games! Explore new worlds and watch the thrilling story.

Dangers, traps, mazes, predators and anomalous zones await you. By choosing the right direction and manipulating objects, you will find a solution to any problem and gain the necessary experience for subsequent trips. The path of a real hero is never easy! It is difficult and thorny, but this only makes it more exciting.

Keep Up with Fast-Paced Events on Your Screen

The dynamism and interesting plot are guaranteed to drag you in for several hours. Difficult tasks and challenges in which your logic and tactical thinking will help you. Use weapons and your brain to achieve your goals! But more often the hero’s super weapon is his courage and determination — just like in life! Only an exceptional belief in yourself.

You can go through several lifetimes and try your hand at many things. As a detective, a gallant defender of justice, a traveler, a scientist, you have to solve riddles and get into various alterations!

Become the hero of one of your favorite fairy tale books! Fight with dragons and other fantasy creatures, learn new spells and start to amaze everyone with your magic powers! Start traveling across endless space and meet aliens from distant planets.

Choose Any Game!

You can play platformers, runners, three in a row, puzzles, as well as all your favorite point-and-click games that players love so much. Call your friends and compete to see who will pass the most difficult levels faster.
Also do not forget to enjoy fantastic graphics, listen to pleasant background music and have a good time.