In the modern world, there are hundreds of different simulators. All of them are developing, and every day new games are born. Some forget, some don’t even become popular, but some become legends. And here we remember about Grand Theft Auto – a simulator of life that everyone knows and loves. This one has been a leader in its genre for many years.

Why does it attract players so much?

It’s very simple. We are all used to the fact that the simulator of life is a game in which you can wash dishes, start relationships and just do everyday life. In this virtual world, things are a little different. There is cruelty here, blood. Here you will experience life from the criminal side. No cleaning or parenting. You are waiting for cool cars, challenging missions, weapons and murders.

History of the Anthology

The very first part was released back in 1997. Can you imagine? It was a university with two-dimensional graphics with a top view. Of course, the idea was the same: to steal cars and fight with the bad guys. Immediately there were such concepts as an open map and complete freedom of action. That is, the plot provides that you can do what you want and when you want. Even the search stars appeared just then.

The next part was released in 1999. Here, the game takes us to London in the 60s. Mafia, crime are raging on the streets of the city.

Immediately after, the second part of the story was released. The main character named Claude Speed is trying to develop his reputation in the criminal world. An interesting innovation was that now the cops and criminals could fight without the participation of the main character.

In 2001, the world saw the third part of the GTA. Its most sensational feature was the three-dimensional graphics. We get acquainted with Liberty City, which was copied from the city of New York. This time, the protagonist remains the same – Claude. And as always, he deals with theft, crime, murder, and so on.

In 2004, the light saw just a legend of the entire world: GTA San Andreas. Surely you have played it at least once in your life. After all, everyone knows the main black gangster named CJ. The freedom of action is greatly increased. The character can swim and dive. Missions become more diverse. By the way, CJ has several friends in different parts of the map, with whom you can establish a relationship.

After that, there were a few more parts, but the most popular at the moment is part 5. It is completely different from all the previous ones. Starting with the fact that we now have three protagonists, ending with the scale of the map. Golf, hunting, and other activities are now available to you. But the coolest thing is playing online with other players.