Henry Stickmin Collection games have inspired a love of puzzles in many thousand players. An unpretentious black-and-white guy is on the forever wish list of everyone who saw him once.

The Game that Never Gets Old

An outlaw with a passionate strive to change, he allies with the government to find and tie an infamous bandit Toppat clan by the hands. But is his desire genuine? It depends solely on your decisions! The thing is, the Henry Stickmin Collection story is non-linear. The smallest things you do affect your future destiny. For example, it concerns Ellie Rose, the prisoner, who can become your loyal ally or fierce antagonist depending on the only choice you make.

In addition, you will find out that the game slowly breaks your worldview. The logic here is quite a peculiar thing: it exists, but not in the form we are used to perceiving it. One wrong pick and characters can get trapped or die! However, you acclimatize and become more concerned about the plot than possible pits on the way.

Jump into the Helicopter!

Henry Stickmin Collection includes all five chapters of his history, plus the sixth concluding case, full and unblocked. They’re saturated with action, often overdramatized, with dark humor and irony. You make fate-changing decisions so easily and quickly that it becomes a routine part of your heroic game tale.

Throughout each episode, you will see the same enemies and allies. Analyze their behavior to spot real friends and double-dealers. Will you be egoistic or altruistic, principled or indefinite—it will inevitably affect the finale.

Play the thrilling game of a bandit who wants to become a successful white-handed businessman. Build his movie step by step, getting into troubles and untangling them.