Is it possible to surprise a real virtual world with something? Ultra-high-quality graphics, perfect rendering of characters, realistic gameplay, interesting stories – all this is already available to current players.

Surprisingly, the hearts of gamers this time won the game, which does not have a diverse plot or HD graphics. This is just an indie cartoon arcade that has lured millions of people from all over the world into its captivity.

This is a budget arcade in the indie style, developed by InnerSloth studio. Despite the fact that the game gained popularity in 2020, it was released in 2018.

A Phenomenon Among us

Do you remember the “Mafia”, in which different players played the roles of a killer, a detective and other characters? The point is simple – someone must hide, and someone must discover. The Among Us is a simplified version of the Mafia, which takes place on a virtual spaceship.

The rules and plot are much simpler. A small group of astronauts is in the space, where it suddenly turns out that the ship broke down and there were many different problems and concerns. It would seem that you could just solve everything and fly away. However, it is not that simple. There are one or more traitors in the team. These guys sabotage the ship to kill the others.


Each crewmember has a small list of tasks on the ship. These tasks involve mini-puzzles.
The impostor has slightly different tasks – he must interfere with the crew in every possible way. After all, if the crew can complete all their tasks, they will win. The spy must kill the crewmembers, hide from them, and sabotage them. As soon as he kills everyone – he wins. Either way, it is not that easy.

If at least one player notices an impostor or finds the body of one of his colleagues, he can gather the entire crew to let everyone know about it. At this time, a chat opens, where you discuss the game with other players. The one who saw the traitor must prove it, because no one here inspires confidence. An enemy can be more cunning and make others believe that it is not him. At the end of the meeting, the players vote for the person they consider an impostor.

As a crewmember, you had better be very careful. After all, you never know who the enemy is and you can be killed at any time. In the event of death, you will be able to move around on the ship as a ghost. You will only be able to see other killed players, also in the chat. However, you will be able to see everyone and even complete your tasks.

An interesting fact is that many players reproduce the plot of the Among Us in Gacha Club. It is available on mobile platforms and PC. In addition, you can play online on roblox.