Put your doll aside and turn your attention to dress up games! Women love shopping. They adore walking around malls and boutiques and reading magazines or watching fashion shows. Choose which clothes are best suited for certain shoes, which accessories, bags and hats are better to select in order to harmoniously complement the image and so on.

All this stuff is available for you in unlimited quantities, colors and sizes. If you like it all too, then you have come to the right place and have a lot of game options to choose from.

Combine and Complement!

Here you can learn about complementary, which colors go together and which do not. Which ones can add an unusual accent to the outfit, and which can get lost in the image.

Dress up your models to look good in one place or another. Explore different styles like casual, elegant, sporty, romantic and retro or even grunge. Turn on your imagination and start creating. Pick up an outfit for the occasion.

A lovely dress in pastel colors or a cute blouse and a light skirt for a date, a formal suit for the office with an interesting brooch or jewelry that can be a highlight in the look or even help a bride get ready for her wedding.

Games allow you to become a professional designer and create your own collections from which it will be impossible to take your eyes off.

Last but Not Least That You Have in Any Game

Appropriate makeup and hairstyle also play a huge role. Add some final touches and your model is ready. Also remember to not be afraid to experiment, try different combinations even of what seems incongruous, because sometimes this is how trends are born.

And, of course, do not forget that you are able to know about many tricks that will be very useful for girls. Cultivate exceptional taste and keep discovering something new and demonstrate the new work to your friends.