An incredible idea from developers who combine entertainment and education. This app is suitable for kids and adults. This is a good way to spend time with your children without missing the opportunity to learn a couple of letters. The game consists of over twenty separate stories. Each story is a separate letter of the alphabet. And it’s not just history. It is also a different character with different goals and desires.

Let’s get to know the letters

Each of the characters has its own color and character. Each letter can turn into different creatures or objects. There is no clearly stated plot to make your stay at Alphabet Lore as interesting as possible. These letters move in different directions and constantly interact. They may not like each other, or vice versa be friends. The letter F is constantly unhappy with something and tries to bite other letters as painfully as possible. There are cuter letters that make contact with the players and tell them about their story. This exciting journey attracts kids with its diversity. You can even make friends among these inhabitants of the alphabet. And along with this, small users learn the letters themselves. But what then is the meaning of the game?

Flexible actions and constantly changing goals

Here you do not have a specific task of the type to reach the finish line. You can constantly change the sequence of actions or the sequence of acquaintance with letters. Each of them will draw you into their story and talk about themselves. Sometimes guests will come to these letters, and then it will be a completely different development of events. Here nothing can be foreseen and nothing can be foreseen. But that’s the whole point of Alphabet Lore. You just spend time at ease with these characters.

Share hobbies along with letters

Some Sims love to sing and will want to sing their favorite tune for you. Some will want to support them by dancing, which will make your viewing even more magnificent. Some letters are quite evil and will try to disrupt the plans of other heroes. Alphabet Lore will bring together many types of entertainment into one big story. It has no end, so you can spend as much time as you want. The game will offer you a variety of branching events. Do not miss the opportunity to try each of them to know for sure how everything can end. Bring your letter ideas to life with the heroes of this start-up.