What awaits you in a crazy adventure?

In the game you need to jump over a variety of obstacles, but in addition you need to press the button at the right time. If you press early, the cube will not jump where it needs to, if you press it too late, it will jump. Plus, after 10 minutes, hell is going on in your head, everything is swimming in your eyes because your brain focuses on one point. Moreover, there are levels where at the moment of passing the camera, as it were, turns upside down and you also have to go through all the obstacles without errors. What you love about Geometry Dash is the music. It plays right in time with your actions and changes as the level progresses. The tracks themselves do not strain your ears, they even make your task a little easier. It does this by relieving some of the stress you get from failing to complete a level. Geometry Dash is a great simulator for your nervous system and mindfulness. By controlling the cube, you must go around all the obstacles, while the movement does not stop and we have only one life. After failure, the level starts from the beginning. Take a dose of sedatives and good luck!

A large number of parodies, but they are not like this

For beginners, the game seems simple, but it is difficult at level 1. Level 1 called Stereo Madness is very elementary for intermediates and professionals. There’s a thing that burns your ass called: demons. They are needed for more skillful players who play more. Registration is elementary. The game will go only after a hard day’s work. You can play during breaks at school. There is a friend search system. The menu is good. Depends on your mouse and reaction. Yes, Geometry Dash develops just the same reaction, but it also kills nerve cells, the table and the mouse. A lot of levels that will not let you get bored and a large community that makes levels every day. You can break away from the passage and do custom maps or create your own.

Non-stereotypical tasks that pump your brain. Short battles with your abilities turn your life into a real test. And now you can’t wait for the next trick. And there are a lot of them here. Start with the simplest, and then you will have a chance to get to the top. А great way to take a break from routine tasks. Everyone will be able to prove themselves in these adventures. But no one can miss the chance to become better.