Poppy Playtime takes over a cool action location – Toys Playtime Co. Previously, this company produced hundreds of toys for children, and now it is an abandoned toy factory. Where have all the employees of the enterprise gone? This place is overshadowed by hundreds of conjectures and fantasies, dozens of tales and secrets. But nobody really knows what happened there.

You will have to embark on this horror journey to meet the main characters of this scary confrontation. Poppy Playtime games will introduce you to the mesmerizing Catbee, the terrifying Bot, the kooky and ugly Poppy and Huggy. They have already gone hunting for you so that you don’t get to the very core of the game and reveal the mystery of the disappearance of people and the life of toys.

The game will tell you intuitively how to play so that nothing distracts you from the process. Open all the doors and explore the corners of the building to collect everything you need, or use what the game in GrabPack has already collected for you. Poppy Playtime will surprise you with coolness and bloodthirstiness. Don’t you want to be the only player who can control your fears?

The game is suitable for PC via Steam. Play with passion and inspiration, otherwise fluffy little paws will encroach on your life. Don’t waste your chance to deal with mysticism and solve all the riddles and puzzles that the toy army will offer you.