Plants vs Zombies 2


Game Description:

Zombies have entered your garden! They’re heading to your house, and there’s nowhere to run. Well, let’s fight then! What a relief that you always watered your plants and established a respectful connection with them.

Protect your brains because you’re the only one in the game who has them! Put Sunflowers, Peashooters, Wall-nut, and Cabbage-pult in the right order to survive undead waves. Give fight in difficult weather: zombies don’t stop at sleepless nights, in foggy mornings, and even a deep pool can’t hold their power!

In the second chapter, you can finally connect to one server with your friend. Someone will control zombie masses just like plants, choosing which kind of enemy will come next. Earn bags of coins and points for the leaderboard, competing now with real players instead of AI!