It looks like a small kindergarten – but inside there is a huge dungeon with secrets. It’s hard to even imagine that a huge detachment of monsters lives under several floors of children’s joy. They keep trying to lure new victims. Her role is to be tried by users. Taste the price of life. Having set a constant goal – to find children, look for answers to questions. About ten colorful monsters are already waiting for you. And they are all ready for battle. Equip yourself with the necessary items – and it’s time to start your journey to the Garten of Banban.

Necessary items to defeat monsters

It is necessary to arm yourself not only with fearlessness and common sense. You will need a quadrocopter to explore the area. You will now and then snoop between floors and various buildings in search of kids. But every time you will face a monster. Each monster is different from the previous one. And it’s not just about the color. You can understand his skills only by engaging in a fight with him. The main task of the game is interaction. Here you can check absolutely everything: press the buttons and go into every corner. Multi-colored spotlights will decorate your entire path. And colors also have value. Sometimes they help solve puzzles.

Puzzles from Hell

Stairs or elevator? Is the spider real or fictional? Should I press a button or move it? Everything is surprisingly bright and cute. But not the residents of this space. Garten of Banban consists of many tasks. Each of them has a unique solution. Puzzles do not repeat along the way. This is what makes the game unique. You will not monotonously wander around and collect three items in a row. Many different unique locations: rest room, medical room and commentary room. A bunch of notes on the walls. And most importantly – huge corridors filled with secrets.

Encounter with the monster family

Monsters are painted at the entrance. They look colorful and childish. But far from childish adventures await you with them. And when they come to life and come for you – the fun will no longer seem easy. Learn to read riddles and think of answers a couple of steps ahead. Garten of Banban requires constant work of logic, which will become your advantage in the future. Game on your nerves and vigilance. But this is the whole juicy taste of rich monster adventures. We begin the study of the first floor – and remember well all the references to the riddles. Don’t miss anything important.