Solve various puzzles, train your brain, enjoy the creativity of the tasks and involve your friends into it. Pico Park games are created to play both alone and together with friends. It is a great collection of puzzles and riddles united with the entertaining plot. It will teach you many things such as cooperation, ability to hear and listen. You may develop your logic and critical thinking. Practice to get out of challenges. As you see it is just a game. However, how many useful things does it bring?

Let’s develop teamwork!

You would never be bored while in Pico Park. The main difference of this game is that it is multiplayer. If before the main character took all the responsibilities? This time every challenge you are going to have new partners with their unique skills and abilities. It means every time the changes in the plot depend not only on you but also on your cooperation with other characters.

The main principle of the game is finding the key to get out of the trap. You are going to see a cube. The cube has a number on it. Every time you jump on it the number changes. If you understand the system of the cube, how it moves and what it causes you will get the key and have the possibility to continue to new levels. Don’t push your team to do extra tasks, keep in mind that you are united and you should solve all the problems together.

Endless amount of challenges

Pico Park developers worked hard to create the puzzles you have never tried before. It was important to impress the fans of this genre. Every time you will need to build up a fresh strategy, turn on the logical thinking and come up with the brightest idea. The game includes different types of obstacles, which are made to destroy your plans of getting a key. Additionally, the really cool old school design makes the game even more satisfactory.