This day that you dreamed about has come. You received the opportunity to take revenge on your frightening teacher who doesn’t let you live with peace. And you won’t lose this opportunity!

Meet your crazy professor

You always get the most difficult tests, and the amount of times you were left after your classes is huge. Your peaceful school days ended the moment this creepy monster first came into your class. And now you can fulfill your dream and visit her large house. This scary lady moved to your neighborhood, and now you can ruin her calm weekends at home. So first, discover a way to get into her house. She lives on your street, so after watching her from your window, you created a great plan. In Scary Teacher 3D you start from the first room and need to pass all difficult and exciting levels.

Your mission in every game is to ruin her day. She cooks meals, watches tv and does all the housework, and you need to interrupt her everyday routine. You have a big number of different tools that you are able to find in her house. These items you should use to prank her to make her angry. After a couple of pranks she becomes furious, so walk carefully, watching her in your mirror. Explore every room and prepare your pranks to win the game. But in Scary Teacher 3D you will discover a frightening truth about this woman. Turns out, she has many cages with terrified children and pets. So find all keys and free them. On this site you will find various game modes, so tasks and main antagonists will differ, but the plot is the same. So play to try them all.

Scary Teacher 3D games is a huge genre full of various interesting and exciting products where you need to prank your professor. Test every game and decide about your favorite! Move by a plot and discover all secrets. And don’t forget about the cool easter egg that you can find here.