When you came to the school this morning, you immediately knew something’s wrong. The creepy teacher said you needed to complete a simple quiz. But turns out, your life depends on the results of this quiz.

Show your intelligence

The game begins with you sitting in front of the board in your class. Ms.Lemons – a strict teacher in your school, is standing right near your desk. Today she decided to test your knowledge in different subjects. So she made a special quiz with different questions divided into subjects. And you start from math.

You can see different mathematical problems on the board. There are three options. But only one answer is right. You need to quickly solve the equation and pick the answer you think is the right one on the board. The thing is, you have limited time. And if you fail to choose the answer before the clock on your table rings, you will make Ms.Lemons more furious.

Take a look at the screen. There is a line at the top of it. It’s an irritation level of Ms.Lemons. What happens when the line is full? Trust us, it’s better to not check it. Because this game is a horror. And everything goes well until you decide to test your luck and see what will happen to your character.

Overcome all the obstacles

You may think, what’s the difficulty in this quiz? Well, the questions are pretty simple. But the more you answer, the more obstacles appear. Sometimes your vision becomes blurred. And you can’t even see the options on the board. Or the answer you want to choose may be covered with a piece of paper. So you need to find the solution.

Fortunately, after every part of the quiz you receive the opportunity to purchase different useful items in the store. These items can help you get rid of all the obstacles and reach the final safely. You earn a point for every question you answer right. And you are able to spend these points in the store to buy a blow-dryer, pills or even a hammer to break the clock.

The game has different endings. The most terrifying final happens when you make ten mistakes. Your mistakes fill the line of the teacher’s irritation. But you can also try to receive a good final and survive till the end of the quiz. There is also a secret ending where you are able to receive a chance to discover the truth hiding behind this series. For this purpose, you just need a special golden key and good luck.
Let’s see what ending you will get! Test your knowledge on this site and survive!