Get involved in a tragedy of a boy whose mother has been told by a voice in the head to kill her son in God’s name. Without hesitation, she takes a kitchen knife and walks determinately towards the kid’s room. To escape the act of sacrifice, our little naked protagonist crawls in the basement just before the door cracks open. This is how The Binding Of Isaac begins its distinctive history.

Lost in TBOI

It has an eerie vibe and often disgusting look. It is one of the reasons why fans love the game. Another reason is the harsh world a little lamb has to survive. He has five lives in the start, but as soon as you lose all tries, you will have to start again. Even if you lose in the last chapter, you will be transported to the first level.

Thankfully, on later floors, it gets more difficult to die. You get saving charms and power-ups that make The Binding of Isaac protagonist more dangerous as well as spicy-looking.

As you complete one floor, you have access to the hardcore game version of it. Thus, the tier list of floors includes Basement or Cellar, Caves or Catacombs, Depths or Necropolis, Womb or Utero, Sheol, Dark Room, Cathedral, and, finally, Chest.

Achievements and Punishments

The Binding of Isaac games differ across users. Rooms generate on random, so the loot from chests. More of that, you can unlock 17 additional characters to play, who are lost kids of the same boy’s mother. And then their so-called B side, a hell appearance that also increases stats madly.

This game gives you 500 hours of creep you can’t give up simply. Death is painful, but it offers you another view of battles and stories, a space for experiments not burdened with laws. The legend receives so much attention that the card kit Four Souls has come to life. But it is strongly recommended to complete the game prior to switching attention to sequels.