Horror games is the huge genre with many thrilling products you can find on this site. Immerse yourself into the atmosphere of a real nightmare and test your nerves, because every game here will make you tremble in fear during your walkthrough.

The huge variety of plots

Sneak into the abandoned house and meet it’s frightening ghosts that are wandering around searching for poor victims like you. Explore the dark forest where the scary and creepy mystical creatures jump from every corner. Run away from a horrifying monster who doesn’t want to let you go. Find an exit from a huge dark building full of strange noises and evil laughing. The atmosphere in the game may be different from the first seconds. But on the second day everything changes. You will peacefully watch a small baby, when something goes wrong. Or the average day when the kind iceman came to your neighborhood, will become the worst day of your life.

The huge part of the Horror genre are quests. In every game you need to search for necessary items to complete tasks and find an exit. To escape, you always need keys or tools that will help you open the main door. But the first item you should find is the flashlight. All locations are dark, so it becomes your biggest helper in every mission. Sometimes you receive weapons to protect your character from attacks. Search for quest items, like different tools, notes, keys and other objects that can help you reach the finish line and win the game. You are able to get different endings and play on various locations, so start from the first product and try them all. And fearsome sound effects won’t let you relax during the process.

Horror genre is full of your favorite products with terrifying antagonists. Begin your fascinating adventure on this site and invite friends to try it together!