Pico Park 2


Game Description:

Only imagine yourself getting trapped in the middle of some unknown area. with the doors closed without any opportunity of running away. Does it sound scary or intriguing? If you are already interested, don’t hesitate to try this puzzle game now. Invite your friends and create a real team together. Cooperate with them and become unstoppable.

Pico Park 2, as you already understood, is the second part of the famous puzzle arcade. This time developers worked even harder to impress even proficient players. The challenge is at every level. Work hard to solve all the puzzles. More skills and special abilities for your characters.

Remember, that only teamwork brings you to success. Every team can include from 2 to 10 players. It can be anyone either your friends or other fans of puzzles. Work together in order to find the solution faster than other teams and hit the records.

Enjoy the minimalistic design of the game. It was created on purpose, everything should have been simple but stylish. And we can say, this task is completed. The characters look like real humans, however, colored differently. Find the objects placed around you.

The task is to interact with them and see how it goes. Of course, what a level without mistakes. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Make experiments in order to get closer to the key.

In Pico Park 2 the number of attempts is now limited by any rules. All you need is to keep going. Be creative and perform anything that comes to your mind. Run and jump all around in order to find the key faster. Complete all the tasks, given at the beginning.

Sometimes the tasks will repeat, sometimes upgraded. You never know what you are going to face. To tell the truth, it is so funny to observe those characters working. So get prepared to get the portion of fun and laugh a lot.