Neko Atsume


Game Description:

You have purchased a little Japanese cathouse, but it’s still empty. Fill it with cat chews, scratchers, and put tasty fish in pretty food bowls. Rule number two: don’t wait for cats to come. Their visit is always a surprise. Just close Neko Atsume and go do your routines.

When you return, you will see one new fluffy cutie in your guesthouse, probably fighting a ball of thread or licking itself lazily. Be sure to catch this moment! All happy muzzles will be stored in the memory diary.

Here, you will also find memorable items cats left when going away. Tennis balls, butterflies, colored stones, sunglasses—rewind them at odd times and reminisce about pets that made you a thank-you gift.

Also, each kittie will leave you sardines. That’s a local currency that can be spent on more tasty fish and expansion of your free space.