Eteled FNF


Game Description:

Wow guy with an ax in this scene. The battle becomes more and more incredible. Talents aside – now we are fighting for life under the dome of this musical battle. You are almost exhausted, but are you still trying to get to the top of this musical iceberg? Then leave those drowning in your ship of uncertainty and jump into the boat of your own musical ego rather.

The game will suck all your strength out of you as you continue to flounder for a place in the sun and the approval of your worst enemy – Daddy. But your beloved will always give you confidence that you will catch the rhythm and be able to get out of the water. This time you will find cool graphics from the best creators and a lot of new cool features that will not let you out of this cycle of musical events. Play the music roulette and put everything on your skills to be faster and smarter.