Bum Simulator


Game Description:

You still don’t understand the dialect of shop carts? You can’t recognize a pigeon who spies on you? And you don’t know anything about a tribe of anthropomorphic rats living in a sewer? The bum game will teach you all the mysteries of street life!

Being homeless has its perks. You can easily befriend birds and make them your flying weapon of vengeance. You always have a chance to become a landlord—if you’re strong and inventive! And when you feel a longing for a cozy place, you don’t need to pay millions for a concrete box: cardboard is to be found in every trash can!

But there is one snag, you’ve lost your memory and skills in an outrageous incident. And you need to learn the basics of being a bum again! Get knowledge from dazzling, brilliant wits that live on streets for years and regain your throne of the neighborhood!